About The Highland Cow

Where do they originate from?


The Highland cow is one of the oldest and well known breeds known to man kind. They have originally been grazing on the harsh but beautiful scottish landscape since the sixth century! Their features, such as their thick shaggy coat, big horns and ability to survive without needing much quality grass makes them perfect for their original surroundings. 

What is their Lifespan expectancy?


There is many admirable qualities about the highland cow, one of them being their amazing lifespan! Highlands are known to live up to 20 years old and to still be having calves at 18 years old! This is incredible as this means they generally produce about 15 calves in their lifetime. 

Do they have different colourings?


Most people are unaware, however the highland cow was organically black! Over time man has produced the highland cow to look more attractive to the public by making their coat red. In the picture above this shows our only black highland cow here at Springwater Farm. Not only does she look lovely but she is also very friendly too! 

Modern coat colours of the Highland cow


Here at Springwater Farm we pride ourselves on our mixed highland heard. We have all the colours of the modern highland cow, which includes :






What makes their beef so special?


The Highland cow is a very slow-maturing breed which reflects in their beef quality. Highland beef is classed as premium beef therefore it is lean, well marbled and low in fat and cholesterol levels. As well as the amazing health benefits of their beef it still remains rich in protein and  has a gorgeous flavour!

What is their temperament like?


Despite the big horns on the highland cow all of our herd at Springwater Farm are very calm and friendly. The highlands natural enjoy roaming around the countryside, therefore when they are out on the beautiful devonshire fields they couldn't be more content.  Our highlands enjoy spending most of their day lying around in the fields eating grass. Consequently if our cows are happy then we are happy too