About The Red Ruby Cow

Where do they originate from?


Here at Springwater Farm we are passionate about preserving the Devonshire countryside and it's heritage. This is why aswell as a heard of highland cattle we have a heard of stunning Red Rubys. 

The Red Ruby cow is a native breed to Devon and originates from South- Western England. Therefore if you decide you would like to purchase one of our beef boxes, not only will you be supporting us but you will also be helping to preserve a native breed. 

What should a well bred Red Ruby cow look like?


A well bred Ruby Ruby cow will always have a distinctive white tip and the end of their tail. All of our Red Ruby heard are a fine example of what a true Ruby should look like. As well as a white tip of their tail, a true Ruby will also have a beautiful deep red coat (hence the clue in their name). The breed is not a particularly large cow, therefore Rubys are typically short and chunky.  Some Red Ruby's have horns and others are naturally polled, this all depends on their genetics. However most farmers who own the breed decide to de horn them as it is safer when handling them and also a lot easier for them to fit their head into a crush when TB testing.

What is their temperament like?


Red Ruby cattle are a lovey breed to work with because of their naturally quite nature. They are mostly known for being a very docile breed and can be very stubborn when trying to handle them due to their laid back nature. The temperament of a cow depends on many factors, these include, their surroundings, how well and often they have been handled, what their genetics are like and their breed. The Red Ruby is un-doubtably the quietest breed of cattle around, however you should never fully trust an animal and always take safety precautions around them, especially bulls. 

What makes their beef so special?


You cannot rush the Red Ruby, they naturally thrive by grazing on good pasture alone without needing any inputs of man made concentrates or cereals. This is one reason why we have decided to have a heard of grass fed, organic Red Rubys and Highlands because we are able to rear them in the most natural ways possible. Like the Highland cow, the Red Ruby also takes a long time to finish. However their beef quality at the end is worth the wait! The slow grown, mature beef from the breed has a beautiful marbling effect throughout and because our cattle have been raised on natural diets, they will naturally produce the healthiest and best quality beef. 

Why do more farmers not farm the Red Ruby?


You might wondered, if the Red Ruby cow is such an amazing breed why do more farmers not choose to rear them over commercial breeds? Unfortunately we question this as well! There has been much attention on the food industry recently, and hopefully people are now becoming more conscious of where their food produce comes from. Due to the Red Ruby being a slow growing breed, a lot of farmers do not find this a desirable quality in beef cattle anymore. Everything in the world we live in today has to be quick and rushed in order to be 'useful' for some meat producers. However we do not believe in this type of farming. You can rest assure when buying a organic, grass fed beef box from Springwter farm you are eating the best slow grown beef around. 

Why are the Red Rubies at Springwater Farm so special?


Unlike most British farmers we are not only organic but grass fed as well! All of our cattle are reared in the most natural way possible, therefore they naturally produce superb beef. We are very proud that our heard of pedigree, organic, grass fed cattle are reared in this type of environment. By being organic and grass fed means there are many strict standards enforced to prevent us from have satisfactory animal welfare standards and allowing us to feed our cattle with man made concentrates and cereals.