Meat Box Questions

How will your meat box be packaged?

The beef is vacuum packed in individual portions for hygiene and freshness and each cut/joint will have the name/weight on it. You can then freeze the beef until you want to use it. The beef is then placed in a box and delivered straight to your door. 

How will you receive your meat box?

All of our beef will be delivered fresh in our refrigerated van and it is your decision whether you decide to freeze it or not. If you would not like your meat box delivered on the day it is ready then that is not a problem! We will store your meat box in a coldstore of below 1oc. This way you can rest assure your beef is up to the best hygiene standards and ready whenever you are. 

Concerned about food miles?

There is no need to be concerned about food miles when buying any of Springwater farms quality meat boxes! All of our livestock are slaughtered by a organic licensed ,family run abattoir less than 35 minutes away! So from farm to fork all our of produce is traceable from birth to plate! We deliver our produce in a refrigerated van therefore any produce is safely transported with careful consideration towards hygiene practices. 

How long will a 10kg beef box last?

This varies depending on how often you eat beef and how many there is of you eating the beef. However if you had a family of 4 then it should last you 3.5/4 months working on the basis that you eat beef 3 times a week. 

Think that a 10kg beef box will be too big?

We have previously had 5kg beef boxes for sale however we cannot guarantee what cuts/joints you will receive in your 5kg beef box. This is because 5kg boxes are just 10kg boxes split in half. Therefore you will receive a mixture. If you would be interetsed in purchasing a 5kg beef box instead then please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we have any available.   

Is all the produce purchased from Springwater Farm?

All produce purchased from us has been well cared for by us here at Springwater Farm. There is no hidden surprises here with us! We never buy from market, and only buy in very occasional replacement stock if necessary from trusted local farmers with organic certificated and the same mindset!

We do not like to interfere with nature, this is why as well as being organic we have chosen to feed our beautiful Red Rubies and Highlands with 100% pasture for their entire lives. Similar ethics apply for all other animals,