What Does Organic Mean?


What Does Organic Mean?

Many people think organic is the same as free range, however they couldn't be more wrong! Being organic is not only about ensuring your livestock is kept to the highest welfare standards but working with nature in ways many would not think possible. A big part of organic farming is about not spraying any unnatural chemicals into our countryside, by working closely with our soil this allows us to create species rich habitats for our wonderful wildlife! By creating the perfect habitats for natural wildlife allows the ground to thrive as it should and increase the number of declining pollinators such as the humble bumblebee and butterfly.

What is GM & Why Should I Care?

If you are sold non organic, free range produce but think that is the same because it is free range, then think again. GM is in non organic animal feed, this is not something we believe in here at Springwater Farm. GM stands for 'genetically modified' which is certianly not an organic word! Organic is all about rearing produce as naturally as possible with as little 'artificial man made' inputs as possible. This is why choosing the food we consume should be taken more seriously as just because the animal has lead a healthy free range life, does not mean its diet has been healthy! 

Health Benefits Of Eating Organic Produce

There are many health benefits that are associated with eating grass fed and organic meat over non organic and non grass fed meat. Firstly there is a considerable reduced amount of fat you consume by eating grass fed, organic meat. As well as this, highland cattle are known for their meat being low in fat and high in iron and protein which makes the health benefits of our beef here at Springwater Farm even better! Grass fed meat has also been linked to help reduce obesity, heart disease and cancer risks due to the specific acid types it contains. 

Not only this, but grass fed meat also contains more healthy vitamins (such as vitamin E) and heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids. If that was not enough reasons to purchase grass fed, organic produce then you should know that all of our livestock graze on organic grass which means no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides have been sprayed onto the ground. By having the animals graze on organic ground means there is no risk of you consuming any of theese harmful chemicals which can be passed on through the food chain. Often preservatives will be put into meat to help make the food last longer, which is unhealthy and un natural. 

Therefore by being organic this ensures no nasty preservatives are put into our meat, so no hidden ingredients just natural meat you can trust. Not only do we believe in selling you naturally reared, quality beef but we strongly believe in being as eco friendly has possible! This is another reason why we are organic, because it is much better for the environment due to not having harmful chemicals in the ground and the regulations for using antibiotics on the cattle are very strict. It is vital to use as little antibiotics on animals as much as possible and if the use of antibiotics cannot be prevent on an animal (due to it needing medical attention) then this must be done so in a strict and regulated manor so no antibiotic will go into the food chain. 

Why Should I Pay More For Organic Produce?

There is many reasons, however firstly we would like to ensure you that we defiantly do not have gold mine at the bottom of our garden as we keep our prices very fair!
To buy in our chicken and pig feed it cost us LOTS more than non organic farmers due to it being such a quality product which is not produced on mass scale.

Secondly, we have to pay an annual fee to be organic, this is not something that is free and anyone can sign up! Inspections have to be made, receipts have to be show as proof you are abiding to organic standards and our slaughtering fees are higher due to the attention to food hygiene being very high. 

Not only this, but as part of being organic our animals are not pushed and grow as fast as nature intended, therefore we have them with us for a lot longer than commercial farms because nothing here is rushed! Consequently we have to pay for chicken and pig feed bills for months longer and allow our ground to be used for longer until it is time for them to move on.