Well to us it is quite simple really, if you support a healthy lifestyle and care about the food you consume then going organic is the right move for you! 

As a nation we are told we eat far too much fast food and meat, and actually we agree! We should be eating less meat and consuming more quality produce such as from producers like ourselves which are organic, minimal food miles and grass fed. It is all about eating well and eating less, the health benefits that are associated with organic, free range, grass fed produce is incredible! 

We assure you, once you see what the colour of real meat looks like, and tastes like without any supermarket added preservatives, colour enhancers and hidden ingredients you will never look back on organic again. 

We are fortunate enough that this winter our highland steers with be grazing in the lovely forest that surrounds Springwater Farm! Take a look at our Facebook page (Springwater Farm) to see some photos! You will not find more ethical farming than this, animals being kept in a natural habitat is a wonderful sight.

Some of our highland cattle and mangalitsa pigs get used for conservation grazing locally which plays an important part in helping protect the much loved Devonshire countryside. Therefore not only will you be supporting young local farmers by purchasing from us, but also backing eco friendly farming! 



Traceability of the food you eat is essential to us, not only so you can be confident what you are consuming but also it means you can track how many food miles the animal has done! Here at Springwater Farm we love the environment so we ensure our livestock is slaughtered locally at fully licensed organic abattoir. This ensures we have low food miles and our animals are put through minimal stress when being transported. This is not only for the animals welfare but also so the meat quality is still just as good as you could imagine! If an animal is stressed prior to slaughter this will be obvious when consuming because the meat will be  tough. 



Here at Springwater Farm we take quality of life very seriously, this is why you can trust you are eating the best quality produce around. We pride ourselves on the fact that all of our cows live the most natural way of life they can. We do not feed our cattle anything other than natural forage  and our pigs are fed on lots of apples and high quality organic feed. We ensure they are out roaming on the beautiful devonshire countryside as much of the year they can. 

All of our beef is slow grown, dry-aged, grass fed, native, pedigree and  organically reared right in the heart of Devon. As for our pork and chicken the same high welfare standards continue, our rare breed, organically reared pigs are free range in the orchards which have wallows and comfy straw beds for them. And our slow grown, 100% free range chicken is fed the best quality organic feed there is along side being able to roam luscious grass which has not had any harmful pesticides or herbicides sprayed across it. After their healthy life here at Springwater Farm we then send all animals to a liscensed, family run Abbotoir only 30 minuets from the farm. Our abattoir for both chicken and pork/beef  is a family run, organic certified abattoir local to Springwater Farm. This is why we guarantee you will find no better produce around


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